Discovering Differences: Spain Spanish vs. Mexican Spanish


Did you know that Spanish is not spoken the same way in Spain and Mexico? Despite sharing the same base, there are notable differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

Let's explore these fascinating contrasts between Spain Spanish and Mexican Spanish!

Pronunciation: Even though the foundation is similar, there are subtle pronunciation differences. The 'th' sound in Spain becomes 's' or 'z' in Mexico, and 'c' and 'z' are often pronounced as 's'.

Vocabulary: Get ready to learn different words for the same things! For example, 'coche' (Spain) is 'carro' (Mexico), 'ordenador' (Spain) becomes 'computadora' (Mexico), and 'tren' (Spain) is 'metro' (Mexico).

Grammar: Both share the same grammatical structure, but you'll find variations in verb conjugations and vocabulary. 'Vosotros' is exclusively used in Spain, while 'ustedes' is used in Mexico.

Embrace the diversity, learn the nuances, and enjoy the richness of Spanish in its different forms. Whether you're dreaming of having 'café' in Spain or enjoying 'café' in Mexico, Spanish unites us all!